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Subjects Taught
Grade 7 Social Studies, Grade 8 Social Studies

  • Jacksonville State University - B.A. History/Political Science-2013  


  • University of Alabama at Birmingham - M.Ed. Social Science-2016


I began teaching at AMS in 2016.



Hello, my name is Sloan Lewis and I was born in Alexander City, Alabama. I attended Jacksonville State where I was involved in several organizations including student government. I received my degree in History with minor in Political Science. After graduation, I relocated to Birmingham to attend UAB where I received my master's degree in education. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports, working out, listening to podcasts, serving at my church, trying new food, and playing with my dog Harper.



Current Tests/Materials  

World History - 4th 9 Weeks Exam A

World History - 4th 9 Weeks Exam B


Civics - 9 Weeks Exam

**After Exam**

Play the game Payback. It is a college debt simuator


Geography - 9 Weeks Exam A

Geography - 9 Weeks Exam B




Make Up Activities:

World History

World History - Islam Vocab Quizlet

World History - Islam Vocab Quiz 

World History - Islamic Civ. Test A

World History - Islamic Civ. Test B

World Hisstory - Africa Test

World History - Africa Test B

World - Ancient China Vocab Quizlet

World - China Vocab Quiz

World History - Ancient China Test A

World History - Ancient China Test B

World History - Feudal System - Middle Ages

World History - Middle Age Europe Quizlet

World History - Middle Ages Vocab Quiz

Middle Ages Vocab Quiz B

World History - Middle Ages Test A

World History - Middle Ages Test B




Civics - Political Party Vocab Quizlet

Civics - Party Chart

Civics - Judicial Branch Test

Civics - Political Parties and Elections Test 

Civics - Local Government Vocabulary Quizlet - Review

Civics - Local Gov't Vocab Quiz

Civics - Interest Groups Link 2

Civics - Personal Finance Quizlet

Civics - Local Government and Public Interest Test



Geography - Refugee Map Activity

Geography - 9/11 Timeline

Geography - Middle East Test A

Geography - Middle East Test B

Geography - Central America

Geography - Latin America Map Quiz 

Geography - Canada Postcard Activity

Geography - Latin America Test

Geography - Latin America Test B

Geography - Canada Test A