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St. John, Rusty Principal
Stafford, Meme Assistant Principal
Montgomery, Kerry Guidance Counselor

Beverly, Patricia Special Education
Boissel, Cheryl Grade 5 Math and Exploratory
Carden, Jenni Grade 8 Math and Exploratory
Carlisle, Christal Library Media Specialist
Cone, D.J. Physical Education
Cox, Jeremy Grade 6 and 7 Science
Davis, Allie Grade 5 Language and Reading
Farr, Casey Physical Education
Gandy, Barbara Library/Office Assistant
Johnson, Kimberly Grade 6 Math and Exploratory
Lewis, Sloan Grade 7 Civics & Geography/ Grade 8 History
Martin, Tara Grade 7 Math, Pre-Algebra, and Exploratory
Metcalf, Judy Special Education
Montgomery, Kerry Guidance Counselor
Mullins, Traci Grade 8 Literature and Social Studies
Nuss, Steven Grade 8 Science and Exploratory
Pulliam, Britney Grade 6 Social Studies and Read 180
Riddle, Gwendolyn Grade 5 Science and Social Studies
Rogers, Michele Grade 7 Reading and Language
Smith, Doran Grade 6 Reading and Language
Smith, Kimberly Secretary/Bookkeeper
Taylor, Debbie Title Reading/ Math and Read 180