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We Need Your Help:)

We are in crunch time now with our annual Library Fundraiser with only 3 days left until our deadline!  We need your help.  This will be the second in 10  years that we have received any library funding besides our money earned through our fundraiser.  Last year we received slightly over $400.00 in state funding.  This year will be the same.  That is only enough to purchase approximately 16 non- fiction library books!  I have students asking for specific titles and topics on a daily basis.  Help provide the funding for these materials by participating in our fundraiser.

In order to keep our library up to date we are depending on you to support our  library by allowing and helping your child participate in our annual fundraiser.  We are asking each child to try and sell 10 items from the brochure sent home with each student.  If a student meets his or her goal, they will get to duct tape Mr. St. John to the gym wall!  They will also receive other fun prizes based on their level of sales.  Also, the overall winner will also get to ride to class in style in the comfort of Mrs. Stafford's chair taxi for an entire school day!

Please help boost our sales over the next 3 days!

All order forms and money are due Monday, Oct. 17!

*Also, help your child fill out and return the "Friends and Family address book" no later than Monday, Oct. 17.  Our library  will also receive proceeds from magazine sales made as a result of these mail outs.  Students will receive an Emoji key chain for turning in the booklet with at least 5 of the pages completed.

For additional sales materials see Mrs. Carlisle or Mrs. Gandy in the library!


Thank you for your support!

Mrs. C. Carlisle